Dear reader,

As the president of our iCoast CIO Council, I wanted to bring to your attention an initiative that is taking place in our local community that will have an impact in creating the future leaders of your IT workforce.  The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce’s Technology and Education Committees is conducting a survey related to aligning technology workforce needs to curriculum needs in our community.

Updated survey findings will be presented at an upcoming town hall meeting. The program will feature education leadership, technology curriculum specialists, and technology CEOs/CIOs, who will share in-depth the changes occurring in their businesses and technology-related curriculum in response to changing workforce needs.

One of our core objectives of the iCoast CIO Council is to advocate the needs of our local CIO community to the local leaders in our educational system.  For this reason, we urge you to take a moment to fill out this survey and send it to any other professionals involved in the local technology sector you think would be interested.   It should only take a few minutes and we need your response before the end of this week.  Please click on the link below for online submission. If preferred, you can also fill out the word document and return it

Tech Survey: - deadline for submission is Thursday,  April 30, 2015

This is a great way to provide feedback as to the issues and challenges your company is facing so that we can make changes that will positively impact the future of Miami-Dade County and the South Florida IT landscape in general.



Charles Grau,
President, iCoast CIO Council


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