Published: 02/19/2024

Announcing Ivaylo Guenov Panel Member for The State of The CIO LIVE! – An Innovative Executive, Investor, and Global Leader.

We are excited to announce Ivaylo Guenov as a distinguished panelist at the State of the CIO 2024. Ivaylo stands out as a seasoned executive, blending leadership prowess with deep technical expertise.

Ivaylo currently holds the dual role of Chief Operating Officer and Chief Information Officer at Concord, where he masterfully oversees Technology and Business Operations. His leadership ensures seamless integration and efficiency, vital for Concord’s success across its global delivery organization spanning the US, Europe, India, and Latin America.

Ivaylo’s journey with Concord began in a role that saw him shaping the technological and innovative landscape as the Chief Technology Officer. Here, he led Global Delivery, Innovation, and R&D initiatives, marking his tenure with progressive leadership roles that have been instrumental in steering the company’s growth and strategic direction.

With a solid educational foundation in both Computer Science and Management, Ivaylo’s professional path is richly layered with experiences in Data, Analytics, and Software Product Development. His entrepreneurial spirit is evident from his ventures—co-founding and scaling several technology ventures in Canada, Europe, and the United States. These endeavors not only underscore his capability to drive innovation and business growth but also his commitment to fostering the development of local tech ecosystems worldwide.

Beyond his operational and entrepreneurial roles, Ivaylo is an active investor, supporting emerging technologies and startups in sectors close to his heart: AI, Education, and Fintech. This reflects his dedication to nurturing innovation and growth within the tech community.

Ivaylo’s career is also marked by significant positions at Deloitte, Deloitte Ventures, and Carlson Companies. These roles have refined his expertise in technology and business management, contributing to his broad and impactful perspective on leadership within the tech industry. His diverse experience, ranging from hands-on technical work to executive leadership positions, positions him as a valuable voice in discussions about the path to leadership in technology. His insights are particularly relevant for those navigating the complexities of ascending to roles such as CIO, COO, or CEO in today’s dynamic business environment.

As we anticipate Ivaylo’s participation at the State of the CIO 2024, we look forward to the wealth of knowledge and experience he brings to the table. His unique blend of leadership, technical expertise, and global perspective promises to enrich the dialogue and insights shared at the event. Ivaylo’s journey from a hands-on technologist to a top executive, his entrepreneurial achievements, and his commitment to innovation make him an inspiring figure for current and aspiring leaders in the tech industry. Join us as we delve into the future of technology leadership with Ivaylo Guenov, exploring the strategies, challenges, and opportunities that define the journey to the top in the ever-evolving landscape of technology and business.

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