Published: 02/05/2015

CIO Round Table #1 – BI Implementation with Spirit Airlines’ Sapana Patel

Once a quarter, the CIO Council hosts an industry specialist presenting topics of interest to CIOs. Our first Roundtable of 2015 was held on Wednesday, February 4th at UDT headquarters in Doral to a full house of 15 South Florida CIOs.

Our speaker was Sapana Patal, an industry professional with 15+ years experience in leading Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing implementations. She has extensive experience in business analytics, data integration and infrastructure, and customer relationship management applications. Utilizing top tier business intelligence suites from SAP, Oracle and others, she consistently integrated enterprise wide information, as well as a wide variety of applications, into one-view corporate wide global analytical solutions.

Sapana offered fascinating insight into the world of BI with her recent work at Spirit Airlines. Many BI Implementations take 12 to 18 months to implement, in here presentation, Sapane  showed how her team successfully deployed an enterprise wide data information solution within 2-3 months.

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