CIO-Only Breakfast Sponsor


CIO-Only Breakfast Sponsorship: An Exclusive Opportunity

By sponsoring the exclusive CIO-Only Breakfast, you ensure that your brand is at the forefront of meaningful conversations, setting the tone for the day ahead.

Imagine starting the day with South Florida’s most influential tech executives, those at the forefront of innovation and decision-making. This breakfast isn’t just about a meal; it’s about establishing connections, nurturing relationships, and carving out potential collaborations.

  • Price: $10,000
  • 1 Available
  • Includes Gold Vendor Table

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In a rapidly evolving tech landscape, positioning your brand effectively is more important than ever. The CIO-Only Breakfast Sponsorship presents an unparalleled opportunity to do just that. This premium sponsorship not only aligns your brand with excellence but also guarantees direct engagement with the who's who of the tech industry.

Beyond visibility, this sponsorship also underscores your brand's commitment to industry leadership and knowledge sharing. South Florida's top technology executives are always on the lookout for the next big thing, and by positioning yourself prominently at this breakfast, you're signaling not just your presence but your prominence.

Benefits of the CIO-Only Breakfast Sponsorship:

  • Exclusive Opportunity: Only 1 sponsorship is available.
  • Presidential Acknowledgment: Be recognized by the CIO Council President during the event’s introductions.
  • Presentations/Speaking Slots:
    • CIO Breakfast: Deliver a 3-5 minute presentation during the CIO Executive Breakfast event.
  • Exclusive Access:
    • Include 2 x Tickets to the CIO-Only Breakfast.
    • Includes 8 x Guest Tickets tailor-made for you to invite your client’s leadership team (CIO/CTO/CISO/CDO/etc.).
  • Includes Gold Vendor Table Benefits: This package also includes all the benefits of the Gold Vendor Table Sponsor.
  • Expo Presence:
    • Use the Vendor Table to display brochures, and whitepapers, and organize giveaways.
    • 2 x Expo tickets for your booth crew.
    • Additional booth crew tix available for purchase at a discounted price
  • Load-in times: available from 6:30 AM on the day of the event.
  • Complimentary Amenities: Free parking and Free WiFi to ensure a seamless experience.

In summary, the CIO-Only Breakfast Sponsorship isn't just an advertising opportunity; it's an immersive brand experience. Elevate your product or service by placing it right in the midst of South Florida's tech vanguard. Sign up today and propel your brand into the limelight it truly deserves.

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