Published: 02/13/2024

Announcing Dr. Priscilla Torres Panel Member for The State of The CIO LIVE! – Elevating Organizational Excellence

In the realm of human resources leadership, few individuals embody the blend of academic prowess and practical expertise quite like Dr. Priscilla Torres, Ed.D., M.S.

As the Chief Human Resources Officer at Health Choice Network, Inc., with over two decades of diverse experience spanning multiple sectors, Dr. Torres stands as a beacon of excellence in talent management, organizational effectiveness, and employee engagement. It is with great anticipation and excitement that we announce Dr. Torres’s participation as a panel member at the upcoming SCIO’24 conference.

Dr. Torres’s journey to becoming a preeminent HR executive is marked by a commitment to continuous learning and a dedication to empowering others. Armed with a Doctorate’s Degree in Organizational Leadership, a Master’s degree in I/O Psychology, and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, she seamlessly integrates academic rigor with practical insights to lead with distinction. Her leadership philosophy, rooted in servant leadership principles, emphasizes collaboration, growth, and the empowerment of employees to reach their full potential.

SCIO’24 offers numerous benefits for attendees and sponsors. Participants will gain insights into emerging tech trends, network with industry leaders, and explore potential collaborations. For sponsors, the event presents an unparalleled opportunity to showcase products and services to a targeted audience of decision-makers in the technology sector.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Dr. Torres is deeply involved in giving back to the HR community. As the President of the HR Association of Broward County, she spearheads initiatives that support and uplift over 400 HR professionals. Her commitment to community extends to her involvement in various board positions and advisory roles with esteemed organizations such as HOPE South Florida, Inc., and the American Heart Association, among others. Through her volunteerism and collaboration, Dr. Torres continues to make a tangible impact on the lives of individuals and communities alike.

In addition to her leadership roles, Dr. Torres is a dedicated educator and communicator. Serving as an Adjunct Faculty Professor at Broward College and a certified John Maxwell professional speaker, coach, and trainer, she shares her expertise through engaging presentations, seminars, workshops, and speaking engagements. Dr. Torres’s passion for communication and development shines through in her ability to inspire and empower others to reach new heights of success.

As a panel member at SCIO’24, Dr. Torres brings her wealth of experience, insights, and passion for excellence to the forefront. Her participation promises to enrich discussions on topics ranging from leadership development to organizational effectiveness. Attendees can expect to gain valuable insights and practical strategies for driving growth and success within their own organizations.

In conclusion, Dr. Priscilla Torres’ inclusion as a panel member at SCIO’24 is a testament to her exemplary leadership and contributions to the field of human resources. Her multifaceted background, unwavering commitment to empowerment, and dedication to community service make her a distinguished thought leader and influencer in the HR community. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from Dr. Torres and other industry experts at SCIO’24 as they collectively strive to elevate organizational excellence and drive positive change.

For more information about the event and sponsorship opportunities, visit the State of the CIO 2024:

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