Published: 02/29/2024

πŸŽ“ Empowering Futures: Introducing the Student-Scholarship Panel at the State of the CIO 2024

At this year’s State of the CIO, we are thrilled to introduce a special Scholarship Panel, moderated by the esteemed Lenny Chesal. This panel will bring to light the stories of past scholarship recipients, illustrating the critical role the CIO Council Scholarship Fund has played in their educational and professional journeys. Through their narratives, attendees and sponsors will gain a deeper understanding of how their support fuels the dreams and ambitions of aspiring tech talents in South Florida.

For more information about the event and sponsorship opportunities, visit the State of the CIO 2024:Β

The State of the CIO event, known for its pivotal role in professional networking and industry insight sharing, also stands as a cornerstone for future tech innovators through the CIO Council Scholarship Fund. Each ticket purchase and sponsorship directly contributes to the fund, empowering high-achieving STEM students with scholarships that pave the way for their success in technology fields. Your participation in SCIO’24 not only signifies an investment in your professional development but also in the nurturing of the next generation of technology leaders. The impact of your support extends beyond the event, fostering the growth of South Florida’s tech community and ensuring that the region remains a hub for innovation and excellence in STEM education.

The collaboration with Miami-Dade, Palm Beach, and Broward County Public Schools, in conjunction with the Broward Education Foundation, has been instrumental in the success of this program. To date, 94 scholarships have been awarded, with plans to further expand this initiative to reach even more deserving students. This expansion is made possible through the generous contributions of our attendees and sponsors, whose involvement is crucial in achieving our goals of promoting STEM education and supporting the professional aspirations of South Florida’s youth.

As we look forward to SCIO’24, we invite you to be part of an event that not only shapes the current landscape of the tech industry but also lays the foundation for the success of its future leaders. Your support of the CIO Council Scholarship Fund represents a commitment to the advancement of technology education and the empowerment of the next generation of innovators and problem-solvers. Join us in making a difference, and witness firsthand the impact of your contribution on the lives of these ambitious students.

For more information about the scholarship program and how to get involved, visit CIO Council Advocacy page.

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