Published: 02/19/2024

🎙️ Meet The Speakers for The State of the CIO LIVE!

The State of the CIO LIVE! 2024 promises an engaging and insightful lineup of speakers, each bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge to the forefront of technological innovation and leadership. This year’s event, held at the Charles F. Dodge City Center in Pembroke Pines, Florida, will feature discussions led by industry pioneers on the evolving role of CIOs and IT executives in shaping the future of business and technology.

Keynote Speaker: Alex Romillo
Alex Romillo, the President and CEO of Health Choice Network, Inc., stands out as the keynote speaker. His career, dedicated to enhancing healthcare through technology, especially for underserved populations, reflects a deep commitment to community health and innovation. Romillo’s leadership has significantly expanded the network’s reach, emphasizing the integration of primary care with comprehensive health services.

Moderator: Dr. John Wensveen
Dr. John Wensveen, the Chief Innovation Officer and Executive Director at Nova Southeastern University’s Alan B. Levan | NSU Broward Center of Innovation, will moderate the panel. With a rich background in both academia and the aviation industry, Wensveen’s expertise in fostering innovation and his vision for the future of technology will guide the conversation, promising a dynamic and thought-provoking discussion.

Panel Members:
Dr. Priscilla Torres: Serving as the Chief Human Resources Officer at Health Choice Network, Inc., Dr. Torres brings over two decades of experience in human resources, focusing on talent management, organizational effectiveness, and employee engagement. Her leadership and commitment to excellence in HR practices will offer valuable insights into the role of technology in enhancing organizational culture and performance.

Robert Grillo: As the Vice President of Information Technology and CIO at Florida International University, Grillo’s extensive experience in IT and cybersecurity will shed light on the challenges and opportunities in securing educational institutions and leveraging technology to enhance learning and administrative processes.

Jean Hill: Hill’s role as Managing Director at Alvarez & Marsal and her leadership in digital transformation and technology services position her as a critical voice in discussions on corporate performance improvement and strategic technology initiatives. Her experience in driving significant savings and efficiency through technology restructuring will be invaluable to the dialogue.

Ivaylo Guenov: The COO and CIO at Concord, Guenov is recognized for his innovative approach to business and technology operations. His work in supporting emerging technologies and global business strategies underscores the importance of innovation and adaptation in today’s fast-paced technology landscape.

This year’s State of the CIO LIVE! not only highlights the transformative power of technology in various sectors but also underscores the critical role of leadership in navigating the complexities of the digital age. The diverse experiences and perspectives of the speakers will provide attendees with a comprehensive view of current trends, challenges, and opportunities in technology and business leadership.

For more information about the event and sponsorship opportunities, visit the State of the CIO 2024:

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