Published: 04/13/2021

Take 5 – The CIO Council Skills Survey 2021

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Time to complete <5 minutes

The CIO Council of South Florida has teamed up with a number of our local universities to conduct a series of working sessions to share hiring needs and gaps and open a dialogue with them about how to produce a more employable graduate. The first step in understanding the nature of the hiring expectations gap is to conduct a survey across South Florida with any organizations, large or small, that have open positions to hire technical roles and may be looking to universities to fill those roles.

If you self-identify as someone who is likely in a position where you may be hiring these types of roles, please take a few minutes to fill out this brief survey to give us valuable input on where there are gaps between expectations and the candidates coming out of the undergraduate and master’s programs of our local universities.

We are also inviting respondents to participate in a working session that we’ll be doing with the universities to share the survey results and have a constructive dialogue about it.

Click here to take the survey

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